Stormie Jones

Phone: 682-347-9929


Suite: 236


  • Burleson

Hours: Monday: CLOSED Tuesday: 10-2:30p and 4:30-8p Wednesday: 10-2:30p and 4:00-8p Thursday: 10-2:30p and 4:30-8p Friday: 10-1:00p and 2:30-7p Saturday: 9-4:00p Sunday:9-4:00p 4:30-8p 2:30-7p

Bio / Description:

Lash tech that specializes in treatments that improves the appearance of your eyelashes.
I spent 20 years in dentistry, military wife, and a mom of five. Started my transition to the
beauty industry since 2018. I’ve been working under lash techs and learning all that I can, to provide the best lash services to my clients.


  • Special Occasions - Eyelash Extensions